Steel Times International


Oliver Campbell, Jodi Hackett

South Africa Steel 2006 STI Release

May 02, 2006

When considering the ‘big five’ steel-producing nations of the world, several spring to mind: China, Japan, USA, Russia and South Korea. The ‘big five’ in South Africa are not steel producers, but are the five most sought-after animals by safari fans. The Republic of South Africa will not make the ‘big five’ when it comes to steel production figures. In fact, with crude steel production of 9.493 metric tons in 2005, South Africa was ranked the 19th largest crude steel producing country in the world by the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI). And as a net exporting country of primary steel, South Africa was ranked 8th in the world during 2003. However these humble figures seem all the more pertinent when you consider that in 2005, South Africa was, once again, the continent’s largest crude steel producer, responsible for some 53% of total crude steel production in Africa. Scratching the surface of this adolescent nation, which is still enjoying its relatively new-found economic, social and political freedom reveals a dynamic industry, housing some of the most efficient and ambitious players in the world, not to mention an industry that has recently seen huge changes in the business environment.


Kosmos logistics is growing with Mexico’s rapidly developing manufacturing sector, particularly servicing the automotive industry.
Galvaprime explains the market for supplying metals to Mexico’s manufacturing sector.
Tenova HYL holds approximately 50% of the direct induced iron (DRI) reduction market, a technology which it has pioneered.
"The market in Mexico used to be only based on price, but now clients are also looking for quality and are able to pay a little more. Companies must have high efficiency and be prepared to produce products when the client needs them.”


Kumba Iron Ore is the largest iron ore producer in Africa and the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world.