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Catherine Howe, Ben Cherrington, Lucrezia Falcidia, Carl-Johan Karlsson, Paola Perez Corona, Margarita Todorova, Germaine Aboud


January 29, 2020

The 2020 edition of the Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide (MACIG) marks the seventh year of partnership between Global Business Reports and the African Mining Indaba. The publication will be launched in February 2020 at the event in Cape Town before being further distributed throughout the year.

Since its inauguration in 2014, MACIG has sought to fill a void in the African mining industry by providing a point of reference for governments, investors and the wider mining community requiring a comprehensive understanding of the sector.  We are pleased to forecast that 2020 will offer new and exciting opportunities across the industry in Africa. A number of broad-ranging trends underpin our optimistic prognosis. 

Africa’s mining industry is experiencing the most rapidly changing dynamics in its history. Disruptive technologies, democratization, local empowerment and increased focus on environmental protection are at the top of a long list of factors currently reshaping the landscape of African mining. This year, our teams have traveled to six countries, Mozambique, DRC, Angola, South Africa, Ivory Coast and Senegal, that are, each in its own way, emblematic of these changes.


“Working with GBR was a pleasure and an interesting experience. I liked the way the interview was run, like a professional conversation, rather than a cold Q&A process. MACIG is a very good support delivering an update and useful information: metrics and food for thoughts.”

- Olivier Duterme, Regional Manager, BCDC

“Over the years SRK has developed a long-standing relationship with GBR due its knowledge of the mining industry and visibility through its MACIG publication. The MACIG publication brings together opinions from executives across Africa and mining disciplines to provide holistic insight into the African mining industry in a single publication. The GBR team responsible for putting MACIG together is dynamic and understands our business as an international group of consulting mining engineers and scientists. They demonstrate the ability to accurately contextualise our thought leadership comments with likeminded executives in the industry.”

- Wouter Jordaan, Partner/Principal Environmental Scientist, SRK Consulting (South Africa)

“I have worked with the team at GBR for a number of years and find their MACIG publications to be both well presented and very informative. They target the movers and shakers in the Global Mining and Resource industry, so you get an excellent brief on what people are doing and what projects are advancing. I would describe GBR as an excellent “Intelligence Source” for the global mining community. I really appreciate their fine work assembling this publication!”

- Stephen G. Roman, Chairman, President & CEO, Global Atomic Corporation

“I have both read GBR and been interviewed by GBR over the years, and my experience with their journalists and editors has always been very collaborative and interactive.   It is a pleasure to give my time to tell our story (whatever story I am working on at the time), as it always gets interpreted / written and edited professionally and accurately for the audiences I want to reach with our message(s).   I am sure we will work together on the “next story” and I look forward to reading the next publication.”

- Brett A. Richards, Chairman and CEO, Banro Corporation

“It’s been several years now that our team has the pleasure and privilege to work with GBR to collect our vision and updates about the power shortage of the mining sector in DRC. We are delighted with their thorough approach and professionalism, and above all their visibility in Africa, which makes GBR and their publications a reference and a must read for all mining stakeholders.”

- Raphael Khalifa, Founder, Tembo Power

“GBR is very professional and their coverage of the DRC mining sector, which is the main economic engine of the country, has given us confidence to work with their team. Our experience is therefore positive and we hope to continue working with GBR in the future.”

- Patrick Thema, CEO, Groupe Thema - Sinotruk

“I personally very much appreciated MACIG and it was very enriching to exchange with the GBR team on your media approach around Mining Indaba in Cape Town. As long as possible, ConnexAfrica will be pleased to maintain this partnership.”

- Fanon Beya, Company Director, ConnexAfrica

“I have dealt with GBR on a couple of occasions whilst based in the DRC. Their in-depth knowledge of specific markets is impressive. Their interviews and reports are always accurate and studied from many perspectives. I will have no problem to work with them in the future.”

- Gordon Barkhuisen, VP, Solutions for Africa

“The interaction with GBR since 2013, to give a number of interviews on the state of the Mining Industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the surrounding countries, has always been interesting and successful. I always enjoyed working with the members of the various GBR teams as they were well-selected young individuals who expressed a professional work ethic and had no problems to operate in difficult environments such as the DRC. My interviews usually formed part of a larger write up and I found my statements truly incorporated in these reviews.”

- Tobias Posel, Managing Director, GeoQuest

“The level of professionalism I have experienced from the GBR team has always made our engagements as well as the publications worth my time.  The face-to-face approach that is being used to gather qualitative data in combination with the quantitative data is giving their publications an edge”

- George Olivier, Director, VBKOM



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KSK Avocats, a leading law firm in Côte d’Ivoire involved in the mining industry, explains the regulations related to operating in the country.
BME offers products and services including explosives, bulk emulsions, initiating systems, technical services and software for surface and underground mining.
SRK Consulting is an international consultancy service provider for the natural resource industry, operating in South Africa, DRC and Ghana.


MACIG 2024 - Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide

A decade after launching the first MACIG, the 2024 edition still spans thousands of kilometers, over 150 interviews, and a dozen country profiles to paint the most comprehensive picture of a complex and fundamental continent for global mining. The extraordinary, unprecedented demand for the continent’s resources is currently balanced by the global landscape of uncertainty and price volatility. The latter keeps deterring investor appetite in projects sitting in nations with little political stability and affected by infrastructure, energy, and security woes. As these opposing forces continue to unfold, the fate of the African mining sector teeters on the precipice of either a generational opportunity or missed potential.



"We believe technology should enhance, not replace, the role of geologists in exploration."