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Meredith Veit, Josie Perez, Nathan Allen, Sharon Saylor, Molly Concannon

Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Handbook

October 20, 2015

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to long established hydrocarbon-producing countries, including Angola and Nigeria, as well as exciting new discoveries of onshore and offshore oil and gas, most notably the gas finds in the Rovuma Basin off the coast of Mozambique. Given the lack of infrastructure, regulatory challenges, and shifting paradigms governing policy and national oil companies, Africa's oil and gas sector remains significantly under-explored. The Sub-Saharan Africa Oil and Gas Handbook, however, seeks to guide the global oil and gas and investment community through the challenges and opportunities across different jurisdictions and to highlight those governments who welcome their investment.


"We have set an example for other African countries on how to strike a balance between nationalistic development objectives and the attraction of foreign investment. For a company to go deep offshore and spend billions of dollars, you need to create a friendly environment."
Greenline Logistics celebrates its 25th anniversary milestone in November 2019.
Galileo Technologies looks to Africa’s oil and gas industry as a huge potential market for its range of modular technologies.
Renergen discusses the next steps for its Virginia gas field – South Africa’s only onshore petroleum production project.


Dutylex is a Ghana-based supplier of lubricants for the West Africa mining industry.