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Alice Pascoletti, Alfonso Tejerina, Ben Cherrington, Paola Perez Corona

Latin America Petrochemicals & Chemicals 2019

November 05, 2019

The world’s largest players in the petrochemical and chemical industries continue to identify Latin America as a key market to drive business in the medium to long term. Citing an increasingly attractive consumer market and developments in the region’s energy and agricultural prospects as underlying factors, companies large and small are all vying to position themselves to take advantage of projected growth. As a result, heightened M&A activity and a growing focus on integrating service offerings have benchmarked 2019 as an auspicious year for the chemical and petrochemical industries in Latin America. Nonetheless, continued political upheaval, sluggish economic performance in the region’s largest markets and poor infrastructure links remain fundamental obstacles to success. Unfavorable global trade dynamics as well as a growing urgency to address the issue of sustainability present industry leaders with further challenges, but a growing acceptance for the benefits of industry 4.0 promises to favor companies that invest in a more digitally savvy and environmentally friendly future. 


Global Business Reports publications’ provide for their readers accurate information that allows to learn about the industry segments analyzed. The research and interviews carried out with business leaders make it possible to understand the economic and industrial scenarios in Latin America and their trends for the future. I also would like to highlight the professionalism and organization of their journalists’ in conducting the interviews. The Brazilian chemical industry has collaborated for years with GBR and we must maintain this partnership for the future.

- Ciro Marino, Executive President, Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim)

“GBR´s specialized publications provide us with market information, trends, and interviews with industry leaders that are key when making business and strategy decisions in the various segments and countries that we serve, while at the same time offering an invaluable communication channel with customers and suppliers. This is why we´ve participated with GBR for more than four years and intend to continue in the future”

- Eugenio Manzano, Executive Director, Pochteca

“We see GBR’s publication as an unbeatable way to introduce global companies into the Latin American chemical market, with full commitment with credibility and a very objective point of view. Having the opportunity to share our goals and expectations and our achievements and lessons learned with GBR, is an excellent way to objectively look at ourselves and sense our environment at the same time, in order to keep on building our identity.”

Matthias Vorbeck, General Manager, Anastacio Overseas Inc.

“Cooperating with GBR makes sense for our organization and corporate strategy. The Annual Business Report with a specific focus on the Chemical Industry and LATAM region offers us a perfect connection to the chemical and petrochemical market, both of mayor importance for Leschaco. Reading about important market trends and customer strategies, allows us to fine tune our own planning towards the future.”

Martin Sack, Regional Head Americas, Leschaco Mexicana

"The GBR interviews and reports can be a very valuable tool for companies focusing on the chemical and petrochemical markets in Latin America. Their approach towards interviewing the key people and asking well though of questions is unique and very well thought out."

Peter Staartjes, CEO, Andino Holdings USA LLC

"GBR’s book is really useful. The insights and market coverage really open your mind to new business opportunities. It also helps us share the experience of other companies in different countries that can be very useful in our everyday business"

Martín Cini, Director, Petrolera Copsa

“The information provided by GBR is really interesting, it always disseminates topics of great interesting; their team is first class, good interviews, closeness and knowledge of the topics they are discussing. Is a pleasure to read your posts and interact with your great team. His magazine about LA showed good interviews and information, with helps us to know the thinking of the leaders of this business.”

Claudio Gorichon, CEO, Reno

“GBR does an excellent job, collecting market data worldwide and creatively highlighting key industry subjects. The approach to gather market intelligence is definitely done carefully and with excellence. We are happy to participate every year Congratulations!”

Jan Krueder, CEO, Quimica Anastacio

“GBR has always been to IDESA, a serios referent and relevant source of information, to understand better what is happening in our industry. It has also been of great support, to promote our international conferences and forums, as in the case of APLA. In my opinion, the essence of GBR is their people, they are very professional and work as a good and flexible team, strongly lead by its CEO”

Jose Luis Uriegas, CEO, GRUPO IDESA

"I always enjoy reviewing GBR reports. They are made based in a wide range of interviews with key players on the different regions and presented in a very comprehensive and complete manner. I am glad to be considered to share thougts about the chemical industry of Chile and Latinamerica."

Edmundo Puentes R., President, ASIQUIM

"GBR es un socio estratégico para nuestra Asociación. La alta calidad de sus trabajos sumada a la excelencia en los reportes aportan a nuestra industria una serie de publicaciones que han logrado un alto prestigio a través de los años. Los reportes interactivos digitales están permitiendo cada vez llegar a más lectores de diferentes partes del Mundo."

Manuel Diaz, Executive Director, APLA


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