"With the expanding transport infrastructure throughout Mongolia, projects that may have been unattractive 15 years ago are being viewed with a new perspective."

Simon Askey-Doran


April 26, 2024

Could you introduce RPMGlobal to our readers?

RPMGlobal is an international technology and advisory business with 22 offices around the world and over 50 years of experience in the mining industry. We work with  miners, contractors, OEMs, financiers and shareholders. RPM listed on the ASX in 2008, creating an integrated global entity. Our DNA stems from having unique software and advisory services that allow us to examine mining from an economic and practical perspectives to question how mining could be advanced today. 

What is RPMGlobal’s main offer today?

RPMGlobal has broadened its offering over the years to encompass software, consulting, and training, which allows us to sit across the entire mining value chain: At an exploration stage, we support our clients to explore, convert their targets into an international standard (JORC or NI 43-101) resource. Then into all levels of feasibility studies and later funding. As our junior clients grow and mature into the mid-tier range, RPMGlobal also evolves with them. From serving as a technical services and geology partner to juniors, we transition to supporting clients with feasibility studies, M&A transactions and securing debt funding. We also offer a range of industry leading software solutions across the entire mining value chain to support operations throughout their life.  

Could you tell us more about your work in Mongolia?

RPM has been providing services in Mongolia for over 20 years providing both advisory and software support to a mix of Mongolian and international clients. These include Erdenet Mining Corporation, Erdene Resource Development, Naran Mandal and many others.

In Mongolia we find an interesting mix where Russian heritage meets a more open, modern Mongolia, carving its own identity. This allows for a very modern way of thinking with companies seeking our support with international reporting that will allow them to attract financing. In the past much of our work was in coal and base metals projects, but more recently, we have seen an increase in activity in critical minerals (such as lithium, rare earths, etc). With the expanding transport infrastructure throughout Mongolia, projects that may have been unattractive 15 years ago are being viewed with a new perspective.

What have been some recent innovations at RPMGlobal?

Innovation is at the core of RPM and we are continually advancing our solutions and offerings. Three areas of interest would be, firstly investing in our internal consulting development to make sure we stay at the forefront of what we bring to our clients. 

The second is the connection between technology and advisory services. We are always looking at applying new technology to what we do. A recent example is our “Enterprise Optimization” framework, developed by our software team, which applies advanced algorithms to support groups with multiple assets to evaluate CapEx spending and inform capital investment decisions.

The third is energy transition and decarbonization – especially how that relates to what we call low-energy mine design and haulage, where we can have a strong influence. A growing number of clients need to understand the carbon footprint of their mine and how it can be reduced. Again this is where we are able to leverage the technology side of our business with discrete event simulation to evaluate fleet and energy alternatives.  This puts RPM in a very unique position within the industry that can’t be matched by our competitors. 

How is the development of battery minerals changing the mining value chain?

I believe the general path of investing in every part of the mining chain to bring a project to bear will no longer be the only mechanism of project delivery in the future. For instance, we are currently working on a rare earths mining and processing project in Australia, and, judging by how it is developing now, we can anticipate it will eventually be fed by ore from other locations. 

Battery minerals will continue to see huge demand around the world. RPM has now assisted financers to secure US$8.2 billion dollars worth of funding for battery and critical minerals projects and there is more to come. 

Do you have a final message?

Wherever companies want to develop projects and vendors and investors want to invest in increasingly challenging environments, RPMGlobal will be here to assist them on that journey. Our unique advisory plus technology offering gives us the ability to work with companies from early-stage exploration through to closure, adapting as the project matures.


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