"We received the necessary certifications proving that the product is antibacterial and antiviral, and that it can last on surfaces for over a year."

Omar Alessandrini

CEO, Biomedical Pharma

December 03, 2021

Can you explain the origins of Biomedical Pharma?

Biomedical Pharma spun off Power Metal Italia in 2020. Power Metal’s is a producer of special hardware for the oil and gas industries. In this sector, we faced a need to sanitize surfaces regularly but found there was no effective and long-lasting product to respond to this need. We started collaborating with the University of Siena and with a company in Isernia dedicated to the manufacturing of products for tile sanitization and disinfection. Our goal was to apply these products to other kinds of surfaces. Therefore, we carried out various tests to develop a product that was non-toxic and resistant on different types of surfaces. Finally, in September 2020, the University conducted the final trials, and we received the necessary certifications proving that the product is antibacterial and antiviral, and that it can last on surfaces for over a year. This product is photocatalytic, meaning it only requires a minimum amount of natural or artificial light to be effective and has a colloidal substance that allows it to remain on different surfaces without dissolving.

What is the product portfolio you are now developing?

We currently have five products derived from the PhotoACTIVE technology, our main solution. The next one that follows to be introduced into the market is PhotoACTIVE WASH, dedicated for use on fabrics. This product has to be mixed with a softener in a standard measuring cup and then introduced into the washing machine, to eliminate bacteria and viruses from fabrics for at least 30 washes. This is a significant innovation because all antibacterial products available in the market today only remove bacteria for a very short period of time, becoming full of bacteria within an hour after being worn outdoors. Instead, a single application of PhotoACTIVE WASH will offer protection for 30 washes, which makes the product environmentally friendly. Another product of Biomedical Pharma is called PhotoACTIVE PET, which can be used to clean objects such as animal kennels that are subject to bad smells and that attract large amounts of bacteria. We will also soon launch another product called PhotoACTIVE WASH SPRAY, aimed at eliminating viruses and bacteria from fabrics that cannot be introduced in the washing machine, such as fabrics from sofas, chairs, jackets, or coats. 

What demand trends are you observing for your products and what growth opportunities do you expect?

The pandemic has brought a change in people’s mentalities and habits: They have become much more concerned with hygiene and have increased their use of cleaning and sanitizing products. I expect that in the future, it will become unimaginable to go to the office without a mask while being sick with a cold. The need for products that eliminate viruses and bacteria from surfaces and fabrics will surely persist in the coming years; in fact, it is estimated that €28 million will be dedicated to research on antiviral and antibacterial products only in the textile industry in the next few years.

How is Biomedical Pharma committed to green productivity?

After running some calculations, we realized that the use of sanitizing products during the pandemic has been enormous and completely unsustainable. In fact, if another pandemic came, there would be insufficient raw materials to respond to the huge demand. In this context, our aim is to develop long-lasting products with zero impact on the environment. As we are involved both in production and distribution, it is essential for us that our partners are also deeply committed to implementing a similar climate-conscious mindset.

What are Biomedical Pharma’s main priorities for the next 2-3 years?

Our key mid-term priorities are to strengthen our presence in the European market, where we have already obtained the authorizations in France, Germany and England. We have also received FDA approval, so our plan is to consolidate our presence in the US, but also to expand to UAE, Colombia, Chile, Japan and Australia. At this stage, we are working hard on brand awareness and recognition to make our product known in the market. For this reason, we are collaborating, for example, with Marchetti Tech, a global manufacturer of high-tech paints, to develop a special anti-bacterial and anti-viral paint. Through this agreement, we expect to reach over 90 countries with our products in the near future.


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