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Lorena Stancu, Mariolga Guyon, Maria Filippova

Italy Life Sciences 2021

November 01, 2021

Officially launched at CPhI Worldwide 2021 in Milan, the report is a reference guide to the multi-faceted life sciences industry in Italy.

The pandemic has been a catalytic event for Italy’s life sciences industries: Demand and supply have struggled to fall into balance, the M&A space witnessed record-setting transactions, and the healthcare system itself has become an investment priority at both national and European levels.

The book researches how the pandemic has shaken supply chain fundamentals for acute and chronic therapies, how much attention are Italian innovators receiving from international investors, and how is the healthcare system balancing patient needs and industry needs. 

We also look at how Italy can correct some of the structural issues that the pandemic exposed, and we address the role that digital health could play in a remote consultation and remote disease monitoring setup. Crossing the entire value chain, we profile Italy’s homegrown pharma companies and we provide a framework for understanding market access for foreign players.


“The GBR team has demonstrated high level of quality and professionalism in the engagement phase and – even more – during the interview and the creation of the report. The final result shows all this quality and for this reason, as UCB, we are proud to be part of this project and we are glad to have had the opportunity to share our vision on Pharma, highlighting the need for connection and sustainable innovation as well as the role of Companies, among several interesting leaders’ contributions.” - Federico Chinni, Managing Director, UCB Italy

“I believe GBR report was a very good opportunity to get further insight on the industry and to discover that potential partners and opportunities are closer that what I had thought. Great job, great team.” - Alessandro Della Chà, Chief Executive Officer, Cosmo Pharmaceuticals 

“I would like to thank the GBR team for the opportunity to share with their global audience our recent developments and ongoing projects within the “Italy Life Sciences 2021” report. The overall experience was smooth and professional and I much enjoyed the interesting interview with Lorena." - Fabrizio Chines, CEO, SIFI Group

“GBR’s report is a great synthesis and in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry in Italy. It sharply highlights the relevance of Research and the high level of Development projects in our country. We had the opportunity to share our company’s story, to underline our evidence-based approach that consists in clinical research projects and a methodology that provides for systematic comparisons of advice with international regulatory authorities. It was a pleasure for me to work with GBR team, I met professional and passionate people.” - Riccardo Carbucicchio - Chief Executive Officer, NTC Pharma

"On behalf of PwC, we would like to thank GBR for inviting us to provide our perspectives as a multi-disciplinary organization having the privilege to serve many players of this exciting and innovative sector, making a real difference to the world by saving or improving so many people's life each day. As such, we were humbled joining all the inspiring thought leaders who contributed to a particularly comprehensive and insightful report, which will likely become a reference guide for years to come." - Rodrigue G. Schübelin, Partner, PwC Italy Pharma & Life Sciences

“As an emerging leader in the field of API CDMOs for complex molecules, we were particularly interested in showing the investment plan which, in the recent years, gained to Icrom the attention of biotech’s as well as big innovators, looking for reliable suppliers of their new molecules. The GBR report on “Italy Life Sciences 2021” has been the perfect stage where to talk not only about our contribution to the Italian pharmaceutical sector, but, along with the most reputed Italian companies in this field, to discuss about very important topics of this industry which are impacting so much on the health of people worldwide and the sustainability of our lifestyle.” - Pierfrancesco Morosini - Chief Executive Officer, ICROM

“It has been a great opportunity to work with the GBR team. My interview for the Italy Life Sciences 2021 report was very well focused and clearly reported our view on our company’s current R&D activities, plans and vision on the complex biotech space. The report itself was highly professional and gave a perfect snapshot on the Italian landscape.” - Lucio Rovati, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Rottapharm Biotech

“GBR’s country-specific reports not only present a comprehensive overview of the biopharma industry, but also provide an excellent platform for innovative companies, such as Enthera, to introduce our work and reach our key audiences. We have been thoroughly delighted with the interview, and received extensive positive feedback. It was a pleasure to work with the GBR team.” - Giovanni Amabile - Chief Executive Officer, Enthera Pharmaceuticals

“I was familiar with GBR publications, that I really appreciate, but I had never collaborated with them, before. I had the opportunity to participate in the drafting of the volume dedicated to Italy and I found great professionalism and knowledge of the context. The result is a volume full of very interesting business stories with an overall vision on the industrial pharma strategies in Italy. Congratulations!" - Maurizio Sartorato - Chief Executive Officer, BIDACHEM S.p.A.

“The GBR team proved to be very professional and conducted the interview with extreme accuracy and precision; we are proud to be part of such an ambitious project and at the same time to be able to communicate our commitment and our unstoppable desire to always grasp the new challenges that the market offers us.In addition to a quick overview of the sector, the report also provides an effective environment for analyzing emerging trends and key players.” - Andrea Lacorte, Presidente, PharmaNutra S.p.A.

“I had the opportunity of being interviewed by GBR as well as reading through their reports. I found a team extremely professional, to the point and thoughtful in both the way they carried out the interview as well as in the way the present their detailed insights. I believe GBR reports to be an outstanding way to get insights on matters of complex nature such as the topics related to industrial innovation in life science. I look forward to further reports to learn more!” - Fabio Bianco, Chief Scientific Officer, Bio4Dreams Spa

“It was great to be part of GBR’s research report “Italy Life Sciences 2021” helping to showcase the expertise, dedication and commitment of leading figures and companies within the industry in Italy. The GBR team were great to work with and the end result was an extremely comprehensive end product which provides a great depth of insight into the life sciences sector.” - Anna Formosa, Country Manager, Pharm-Olam International

“Takis is one of the main actors of the growing Italian Biotech Ecosystem. Not only our vaccine against COVID-19 but also solutions for Oncology and research models are our main experiences. However, this know how has never been sufficiently emphasized. Thanks to the collaboration with GBR, we and other colleagues had the opportunity to gain more visibility and get a view of a wide biotech system. The GBR report on “Italy Life Sciences 2021” allows stakeholders and potential investors to learn of new ideas and projects, thus favoring network and collaborations.” - Luigi Auricchio, CEO, Takis Biotech

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with GBR with their latest issue about the Lifesciences’ industry in Italy. Among the top three markets in Europe, our country is well represented by companies with a strong innovation drive in terms of digitalization, excellence and products’ quality - and I think the GBR reported this greatly. As owner of a consulting company, I am always proud to share some insights and provide visibility about this growing industry within the European community.”  – Gilda D’Incerti, CEO & Founder, PQE Group

“As an consolidated Italian company we’re very proud for the opportunity to work with GBR- Italy Life Science 2021 and the chance to talk about our vision, plans and a sustainable future of our company, the GBR’s staff was really prepared and professionals, for us this collaboration mean understanding the other companies’ perspective and priorities, it’s the first step towards building a workplace culture centered around learning and development.” - Valentina Bianchini, General Manager, Encaplast

"It has been truly a pleasure working with the GBR team: competent, smart and amicable. Whether your company is looking for innovation and fresh technology, or seeking new business opportunities, GBR should be on the shortlist." Alessandro Casero, CEO, Farmaka

“The GBR report on “Italy Life Sciences 2021” has been a key opportunity for ViroStatics. It was a very important showcase for our company which was listed along with the most renowned Italian Companies in the pharma field and the perfect timing and setting to tell about our dedication and expertise in the discovery and the development of novel compounds in the oncology and virology field. The Report represents an acknowledgment for companies like ours that are incessantly addressing challenges in the fight of pandemics like the one we are still suffering from and which still impacts our lives. The Report is a very well written and comprehensive 'collection' of experience and contribution to the SCIENCE of the Italian Pharmaceutical panorama.” - Franco Lori, Chief Executive Officer, ViroStatics, Italy

“I very much appreciated the professional preparation in the sector of the GBR team, which allowed us to be present in the section dedicated to Drug Development where we mainly exercise our regulatory activity with passion.” - Cristina Del Corno, Managing Director, Del Corno & Associati


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