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Lorena Stancu, Mariolga Guyon, Maria Filippova

Italy Life Sciences 2021

November 01, 2021

Officially launched at CPhI Worldwide 2021 in Milan, the report is a reference guide to the multi-faceted life sciences industry in Italy.

The pandemic has been a catalytic event for Italy’s life sciences industries: Demand and supply have struggled to fall into balance, the M&A space witnessed record-setting transactions, and the healthcare system itself has become an investment priority at both national and European levels.

The book researches how the pandemic has shaken supply chain fundamentals for acute and chronic therapies, how much attention are Italian innovators receiving from international investors, and how is the healthcare system balancing patient needs and industry needs. 

We also look at how Italy can correct some of the structural issues that the pandemic exposed, and we address the role that digital health could play in a remote consultation and remote disease monitoring setup. Crossing the entire value chain, we profile Italy’s homegrown pharma companies and we provide a framework for understanding market access for foreign players.


Itel Group describes the on-going development of its proton linear accelerator.
Mastelli is a small Italian pharma company with bold plans for expansion.
IDI Farmaceutici develops and produces products for the cure and treatment of skin conditions.
Hospitex explains how its cytological diagnostics services are expanding globally.


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