"Mexico is growing and requires many companies that can provide services and products to the construction chain. It is a great opportunity for SMEs to make alliances among others to be able to contribute and participate in this transformation of the Mexican infrastructure."

Fernando Gutiérrez


March 05, 2018

What are the main objectives of the National Civil Engineering Congress and what do you expect the ideal outcome for the 29th installment in 2018 to be?

In its 29th edition, the objective of the congress is to present and discuss the proposals to transform Mexican civil engineering, the main concern in the planning of infrastructure, the ethics of professional practice and innovation of the profession for young students and graduates, and state of the art trends and solutions with the guild. Likewise, we will present the advances in different disciplines of engineering so that young people can approach this profession and contribute to the growth of our country. The congress will have workshops and conferences that will give us innovative information and will undoubtedly be an approach to the path we have to follow in the coming years.

How would you characterize the relationship between the steel industry and the construction industry in Mexico?

It is a direct and extremely close relationship. The steel industry is very important for the development of infrastructure and Mexico requires a lot of steel for the huge growth of infrastructure that is in process in all sectors (energy, environmental, communications, water, buildings, manufacture facilities).

How significantly will the construction of the NAIM airport and earthquake reconstruction in central Mexico impact Mexico´s steel and iron sector?

As we mentioned before, NAIM is probably the major project of this administration and having a lot of different buildings and facilities that requires an impressive quantity and high quality of steel and iron.

Construction in Mexico is dominated by SMEs. As the economy grows, how do you expect these companies to fare?

Mexico is growing and requires many companies that can provide services and products to the construction chain. It is a great opportunity for SMEs to make alliances among others to be able to contribute and participate in this transformation of the Mexican infrastructure.

Mexico recently pledged to cut carbon emissions by 25% by 2030. What measures does Mexico´s construction sector take to ensure a balance between productivity and environmental responsibility?

The construction industry has to consider that the environment comes first and must adapt the necessary measures for the conservation while being productive. Constant changes will apply from now on to keep developing infrastructure while taking care of our planet.

In your opinion, why should multinational construction companies regard Mexico as a top business destination?

Mexico represents now the great opportunity in Latin America and has decided to be the logistics hub of America with the rest of the continents. It is a strategic connection with an open and competitive economy with several ongoing international trades. Mexico is open to investment and partnerships to develop its infrastructure.

What are your expectations for Mexico in terms of global competitiveness in engineering?

Mexico has great engineering; capable, flexible to adapt according to the challenges and prepared to develop better sustainable practices, adding value to the construction industry. The population in Mexico allows universities to prepare many engineers well trained to be part of this unique growing opportunity. Mexican engineers are prepared and open to learn from better practices around the world.


"Services such as technical training, custom fabrication, risk management, reduction of fugitive emissions, and other on-site services are increasingly in demand."
"We will shift from the concept of producing and selling goods to being an independent design business that creates new solutions which are not confined to tangible goods."
"If we are successful with the lithium project, at some time, we will look at making the story simpler and create a critical minerals company and gold company separate from each other."
"Water treatment has been an evolving sector for GCM, with increasingly more mining companies having issues with water quality and requiring specialized solutions to solve their problems."


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"Miners and contractors need to look at the full picture, putting into balance quality, governance, sustainability, and a lower total drilling cost against cheaper but uncompliant tools."