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Lina Jafari, Lorena Stancu

Turkey Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals 2020 Company Profiles

March 03, 2020

From the household traditional pharma companies, to the biotech-focused start-ups, the Turkish pharma sector is becoming a veritable hub for drug production in the region. With the government shouldering much of the financial incentives and setting into place a make-or-break localisation policy, the industry has persistently pushed forward, becoming the 14th largest in the world.

The policy mix with a tight grip on pricing, but generous incentives to innovation, has led to the emergence of a well-adaptable industry which puts forward ambitious plans: Turkish players are more readily making bold step in foreign markets, as well as starting to look at developing original molecules, together with their academic partners. While the investment climate has not been forgiving for the capital-intensive ventures, the first biotech projects are underway.

This platform brings together the profiles of 28 Turkish pharma and biopharma companies. The data corroborated from our industry contributors includes both context and technical detail, such as concrete information on manufacturing capabilities, the list of exporting countries, or figures on R&D expenditure. It would not be surprising to see that in a few years’ time, this data will have changed drastically, as innovative therapies and global strategies are becoming central to the visions for the future.


Powered by its XmAb antibody engineering platform, Xencor is developing a broad pipeline of drug candidates that are optimized to treat autoimmune disorders, cancer, asthma and allergic diseases.
Tango Therapeutics is targeting unaddressed disease mechanisms in cancer to develop transformational new drugs for patients.
Founded in 2008, Eiger BioPharmaceuticals is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing targeted therapies for rare diseases.
Tosk, Inc. is a small molecule, oncology drug discovery and development company.


FLSmidth is an international supplier of sustainable solutions and services to the global cement and mining industries.