Chemical Week


Jolanta Ksiezniak, Ramona Tarta, Barnaby Fletcher

Singapore Chemicals 2010 IHS CW Release - Part 1

April 27, 2010

Lacking space and natural resources, the country has cleverly leveraged its unique position. Through importing raw materials for manufacturing and refinement and exporting finished products, the country has succeeded in building up an impressively diverse high-tech manufacturing sector, currently responsible for a quarter of the country’s GDP and vital for driving economic growth. Singapore has managed to achieve such impressive growth by investing heavily in infrastructure, taking advantage of the fact that English is the national language, a willingness to adopt new technologies, ensuring strict intellectual property protection and a knack for planning ahead. An innovative mixture of free market and economic planning (the so-called Singapore Model), access to a highly skilled and educated workforce, and a stable, corruption-free government has helped to ensure the right infrastructure and economic conditions for attracting significant foreign investment.


Haldor Topsoe discusses the potential for energy transition in Latin America.
Pochteca offers a portfolio of over 7,300 industrial products to clients throughout Latin America.
INEOS Styrolution explains the current market dynamics of the America’s and how it’s various units are coping.
Unigel Mexico laments the country’s inadequate feedstock production.


METC Engineering is a medium-sized EPCM company that designs and builds metallurgical plants for mines.