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Alice Pascoletti, Elisa L. Iannacone

Singapore Aerospace 2017

February 15, 2017

With a keen interest in moving from a 90% MRO market to a manufacturing and MRO hub, Singapore has strong government support set in place to grow within the aerospace industry. Surrounded by emerging markets, Singapore offers a key destination for the industry, with access to neighbouring skilled labour, as well as a rapidly growing LCC commercial sector. With the fastest growing aviation industry in Asia-Pacific, opportunities for continued operations is unrivalled.

Through the support of the government’s EDB, SPRING and A*STAR entities, the country is well-positioned to develop new technologies and become a leader in niche innovations, including within the space industry. Plans for Seletar Aerospace Park continue to attract industry giants across the world, and Changi T5’s expansion plans position Singapore as a key logistics and connectivity regional centre, handling 2 million tons of cargo annually.

With a stable government and regulatory framework, the country remains a solid location for investment, with 130 companies, 20 thousand employees and an annual output of over S$8 billion within the aerospace industry.


Roll-Royce occupies an important role in Singapore’s aerospace industry, leading the way in advanced manufacturing and promoting R&D.
The SIAE struggles to keep up with the fast growth of the aviation industry in South East Asia, which requires a vast number of well-trained engineers and technicians.
A*STAR Aerospace helps the Singapore aerospace industry to maintain a technological advantage through its Aerospace Research Consortium.


United States Life Sciences 2023

In many ways, 2022 was a turning point for the US life sciences industry. After having provided a lightning-quick response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry gathered the lessons learned and sought a sense of normalcy to continue developing necessary drugs for patients worldwide. Yet, the geopolitical, macroeconomic, and regulatory environments all come with their set of challenges, forcing executives into increasingly complex decisions when defining their strategies.



"With mining companies currently enjoying high prices, exceptional production performance and robust supply chains, we anticipate that the sector will continue showing resilience and growth, remaining financially sound in 2023."