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Mariolga Guyon, Kolby Kaller

Québec Mining 2022

November 15, 2022

Québec routinely ranks among the top of the Fraser Institute’s Annual Survey of Mining Companies when it comes to investment attractiveness. Located within a politically stable country, the province boasts a diverse resource base, a uniquely favorable financial environment, access to skilled labor and green energy, and a strong history of mining. 

From brownfield projects in the Abitibi driven by troves of historic data to greenfield lithium exploration in uncharted territories, Québec is home to the next generation of mining. Here, digitalization and robotization are not simply buzzwords; as a collective force, the mining ecosystem is working to ensure that an industry so essential for the future is not powered by technologies of the past.

Drawing from over 90 interviews with leading industry executives, Global Business Reports presents its annual guide to Québec’s mining sector, featuring companies spanning the full value chain, from government-backed financial institutions to innovation-driven service providers and the host of producers and juniors that continue to propel the industry forward. 


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"Our product innovation process involves gathering client feedback and submitting it to the factory, which determines which ideas to pursue based on economic considerations."


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"Zambia is ready for business, and as part of our goal to reach 3 million t/y of copper production, there have been some important announcements recently."