Oil and Gas Investor


Christopher Hindle, Daniella Woldemichael

Nigeria Oil & Gas 2009 OGI Release

January 05, 2009

Few countries have suffered “the curse of the black gold” as much as Nigeria. Corruption and poverty across the nation and violence in the country’s main producing area, the Niger Delta, have cast a shadow over this, Africa’s most populous nation. Yet, many in the country’s oil and gas industry maintain that there is huge opportunity for both the nation and its operators in a sector undergoing slow, but steady, transformation. This special report looks at the state of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry and the promise it holds.


BRADE was established in 2012 and currently has offices in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda. The company offers a wide array of services to the African market ranging from energy services solutions, chemical solutions to manufacturing.
Lekoil is an Africa-focused oil exploration and production company with interests in Nigeria and offshore Namibia.
ACAS-Law is a leading corporate commercial law firm in Nigeria established in 1991 with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry.
Workforce group is one of Africa’s leading strategy, staffing, training and technology firms.


GBR speaks to Leopold Mboli Fatran, Minister of Mines and Geology of Central African Republic concerning the challenges of developing the country’s resource industries.