Engineering & Mining Journal


Mark Storry, Alexandra Ashikihimina

Mongolia Mining 2011 E&MJ Release

July 22, 2010

Mining in Mongolia is nothing new, but after years of being overlooked the spotlight is now on this vast country’s reserves. Mongolia’s mineral resources include gold, coal, copper, molybdenum, tin, tungsten and uranium. To date coal, copper and gold are the commodities, which have attracted the largest investments. Laurenz Melchers and Jim Dwyer, who heads the Business Council of Mongolia, defend Mongolia, despite the risk, as a good mining investment destination. They point to the reformed tax regime, the presence of major multinationals such as Rio Tinto, increased stability and an improving economic framework.


Mining Plus, which provides technical services around the world, is growing its South American presence.
Pioneers in the discovery of world-class gold deposits in the James Bay region, Sirios has discovered numerous showings in Nord-du-Québec and Eastern Canada.
SOJUFISC is a Senegalese law firm focused on supporting business in natural resources.
TSX-listed Western Resources’ wholly owned subsidiary Western Potash Corp is fo-cused on developing the Milestone potash project in Saskatchewan.


An Industry in Decline: Understanding the Politics behind South Africa’s Downfall

October 02, 2019
Once the mining capital of Africa, South Africa’s decline in regional hegemony is inextricably linked to its fraught sociopolitical fabric.