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Alfonso Tejerina, Miguel Pérez-Solero, Lina Jafari, Lucrezia Falcidia

MINPER 2019 - Guía Oficial de Inversiones de Perumin

September 16, 2019

After six months of on-the-ground research in Peru, GBR is pleased to release its comprehensive, Spanish-language book on Peru’s mining industry: MINPER 2019 - GUÍA OFICIAL DE INVERSIONES DE PERUMIN.

Produced in strategic collaboration with the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, the 176-page report is the most in-depth and up-to-date account of the state of affairs in Peru’s mining industry, containing extensive analysis, statistics, infographics and interviews with the top authorities and mining industry CEOs in the country.


Tembo Power is developing hydropower projects across Africa with a focus on DRC.
Chesser Resources is upbeat about its Diamba Sud gold resource in Eastern Senegal.
Robocon speaks with GBR about the outlook for its services in Peru.
After cementing its position as a logistics industry leader in the DRC for over six decades, Comexas Afrique is launching into a new phase of existence and undergoing a rebrand, which will introduce the world to a new name, ConnexAfrica.


Southeast Asia Chemical Week Report 2023

Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and The Philippines are all competing for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the chemicals sector. The region would become more competitive to international investors if it learned to act more as one – for instance, by developing upstream-to-downstream regional value chains and by focusing on complementary differentiating points, rather than competing ones. Investments in any ASEAN nation can benefit the entire region if these are guided to an equal extent by consid- erations of differentiation and integration. This would lead to the development of a complete and self-sustaining regional ecosystem.



"With mining companies currently enjoying high prices, exceptional production performance and robust supply chains, we anticipate that the sector will continue showing resilience and growth, remaining financially sound in 2023."