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Catherine Howe, Ben Cherrington, Lucrezia Falcidia, Carl-Johan Karlsson, Paola Perez Corona, Margarita Todorova, Germaine Aboud

MACIG 2020 Western & Southern Africa Pre-Release Edition

November 21, 2019

As 2020 approaches, Africa’s mining industry has been thrust into the limelight as one of the last frontiers for world-class assets. An era of socio-political stabilization, greater accessibility of geological information and the advancement of modern mining and exploration technologies have made the continent’s famed resources increasingly palatable to investors. Although the sub-Saharan region has made significant economic strides in recent years, acute challenges continue to prevent the mining industry from recognizing its full potential. Robust, on-the-ground research remains critical to smart investment decisions and putting a proper risk management program in place.

In this report, GBR’s teams explore five distinctive mining jurisdictions: Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and South Africa. While each country boasts superb mineral potential, equally they must address their own unique challenges as they vie for the attention of the international investment community. In the south, Angola leverages its natural resources to accelerate the recovery from the kleptocratic leadership of José Eduardo dos Santos, while on the east coast, Mozambique has emerged to assert a more central position in the mining game. The region’s long-reigning gold titan, South Africa, scrambles to revive its declining precious metals sector while Ghana, the new continental leader in gold production, loses ground to the freshman jurisdiction of Senegal.


Tembo Power is developing hydropower projects across Africa with a focus on DRC.
Storm Procurement purchases goods from 27 different countries across four continents to support miners’ access to high quality supplies.
Dutylex is a Ghana-based supplier of lubricants for the West Africa mining industry.
AngloGold Ashanti speaks about its Obuasi mine in Ghana.


MINPER 2023 - Perumin Official Investment Guide (Spanish Print Version)

GBR's MINPER: 2023 - PERUMIN Official Investment Guide, produced in strategic alliance with the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, delves into the themes impacting the Peruvian mining industry. The report is produced after 130 interviews with leading authorities from government, industry associations, major producers, juniors, consultants, and technology and service providers.



"Miners and contractors need to look at the full picture, putting into balance quality, governance, sustainability, and a lower total drilling cost against cheaper but uncompliant tools."