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Lindsay Davis, Lina Jafari, Emma Johannes

MACIG 2019 Pre-Release

August 27, 2018

Often painted as a single country, Africa is regarded as a high-risk investment when compared to mining jurisdictions like Canada or Australia. However, an uptick in metal prices in 2018 has reinvigorated appetite for the continent’s famed mineral potential, and subsequently foreign direct investment (FDI) flows are expected to increase by 20% to US$50 billion in 2018. As dissimilar twins that share a geological trend and little else, the DRC and Zambia are both top of mind for investors eager to take advantage of recovering copper prices. Zambia intends to produce a record 1,000,000 tonnes of copper this year, and the high grades found in the DRC — often upwards of 3% — continue to tantalize despite an impending election and a divisive new mining code. While copper and cobalt are clearly the main drivers for investment, the broad mineral potential found beyond the Central African Copperbelt also provides ample reason to examine other opportunities, with emeralds, manganese, nickel and zinc garnering particular interest in Zambia while diamonds, gold, tin, and lithium have seen significant new investment in the DRC. The entire mining ecosystem has experienced a boost from green shoots in the global mining economy, and on the whole both Zambia and DRC are gearing up for a strong 2019.


GBR speaks to Cummins in Zambia about its long presence in Southern Africa.
Nzuri Copper explains to GBR the strategy for its Kalongue copper and cobalt mine in the DRC.
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Despite the challenges, Latin America has several opportunities: Its green energy mix paves the way for the energy transition. In this journey, the chemical and petrochemical industries will be critical, leveraging emerging technologies like AI to enhance their operations.



"Zambia is ready for business, and as part of our goal to reach 3 million t/y of copper production, there have been some important announcements recently."