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Alice Pascoletti, Lindsay Davis, Alfonso Tejerina, Ben Cherrington, Paola Perez Corona

Latin America Petrochemicals & Chemicals 2019 IHS CW Release

July 22, 2019

In a context of increasing population and growing middle classes, Latin America’s petrochemical and chemical industries are well-positioned for significant growth. However, political turbulence in South America’s two biggest markets - Brazil and Argentina - combined with a logistics deficit that affects the whole region, must be addressed to take full advantage of Latin America's considerable potential. Global trade dynamics and the looming challenges associated with achieving sustainable operations are also key issues the industry must face, in addition to the particularities of each country in this diverse and dynamic part of the world. Consolidation through an uptick in M&A activity and an increasingly blurred line between distributors and logistical service providers are notable trends across the value chain that suggest competition is heating up in Latin America.


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