Global Business Reports


Katya Koryakovtseva, Lubo Novak

Kazakhstan Mining, Power & Chemicals

February 03, 2016

Kazakhstan, the largest land-locked country in the world, is sparsely populated and mostly covered by flat steppe. Yet in the last two decades, the country has come to play an outsized role in the global economy due to its abundant reserves of oil and gas. Unsatisfied to languish as a petrol-state, Kazakhstan is now looking to grow and diversify its economy and escape the middle-income trap and the mining, power, and chemical industries offer strong opportunities for the government to achieve this goal. Of these three, the mining industry offers the strongest prospects and is the focus of this report, but power and chemicals should not be overlooked in their own right, not least because they are intertwined with Kazakhstan’s mining and oil and gas industries.


Mining Plus, which provides technical services around the world, is growing its South American presence.
Pioneers in the discovery of world-class gold deposits in the James Bay region, Sirios has discovered numerous showings in Nord-du-Québec and Eastern Canada.
SOJUFISC is a Senegalese law firm focused on supporting business in natural resources.
TSX-listed Western Resources’ wholly owned subsidiary Western Potash Corp is fo-cused on developing the Milestone potash project in Saskatchewan.


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October 02, 2019
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