Aluminium International Today


Sebastien Delasnerie

Guinea Aluminium 2004 AIT Release

November 05, 2004

The reasons put forward by international observers for the failure of the Guinean aluminum industry to date are the lack of infrastructure, the high cost of operations in Guinea, the low productivity and high cost of Guinean workers, and the lack of a stable legal environment in which to operate. However, this may soon be about to change as thecomplementary logics of operators following the global trend of building on-site refineries, and the Guinean government desire to benefit in terms of investment, employment, taxes and infrastructure, mean that both share a common goal: the establishment of alumina refineries on Guinean soil.


Tembo Power is developing hydropower projects across Africa with a focus on DRC.
After cementing its position as a logistics industry leader in the DRC for over six decades, Comexas Afrique is launching into a new phase of existence and undergoing a rebrand, which will introduce the world to a new name, ConnexAfrica.
Buenaventura outlines progress at its diverse portfolio of Peruvian assets.
Mining Plus, which provides technical services around the world, is growing its South American presence.


GBR speaks to Leopold Mboli Fatran, Minister of Mines and Geology of Central African Republic concerning the challenges of developing the country’s resource industries.