Engineering & Mining Journal


Imara Salas, Meredith Veit, Kevin Norchi

Chile Mining 2017 E&MJ Report

November 03, 2017

It is no secret that the global downturn in commodity prices has left mining jurisdictions across the world reeling since 2013. Chile, whose mining sector comprised 20% of its total GDP as recently as a decade ago, is no exception. As a country whose economy has historically depended on mining and whose national budget is pegged to the price of copper, Chile serves as a microcosmic representation of the mining industry at large. 2017, however, is quite an exciting time for the Chilean mining industry. Not only does Chile still produce 30% of the world’s copper, but it is also essential to recognize that $50 billion of investment is no paltry sum. If history repeats itself, then the optimism stemming from an expectedly sustainable rise in the price of copper and an imminent influx of foreign investment is warranted.


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