Chemical Week


Christopher Hindle, Alex MacDougald, Jennie Dehlen

Canada Chemicals 2008 IHS CW Release

May 12, 2008

Canada has long been home to a highly competitive and innovative Chemical industry. Its traditional heartland may be in Ontario, where eight of the 10 largest chemical companies in the world still maintain offices but, today the industry is truly pan-Canadian. Profiting from an abundance of relatively cheap feedstock, Alberta, as we shall see a little later, plays host to a burgeoning petrochemical industry; whilst on the other side of the country, Quebec is the home to the bulk of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry, with Montreal as the center of operations. From Nova Scotia to British Colombia, the country’s chemical industry is characterized by a deep pool of talented individuals, with a commitment to cutting edge R&D and a level of innovation that is admired worldwide – a fact clearly demonstrated by the large number of Canadian ex-pats deploying their skills overseas.


Pochteca offers a portfolio of over 7,300 industrial products to clients throughout Latin America.
INEOS Styrolution explains the current market dynamics of the America’s and how it’s various units are coping.
Unigel Mexico laments the country’s inadequate feedstock production.
Bertschi Singapore will to continue the rapid expansion of its capacity and services on Jurong Island.


DHL West Africa explains how they were able to serve their customers in Africa throughout the pandemic.