Engineering & Mining Journal


Laura Brangwin, Eduardo Arcos

British Columbia, Yukon and Vancouver Mining 2017 E&MJ Release

July 04, 2017

Led by political and economic stability, both British Columbia and Yukon have become increasingly attractive jurisdictions for investors and mining companies worldwide, as they boast substantial mineral wealth coupled with favorable business and regulatory environments. These attributes are of utmost importance at a time when global political uncertainty becomes a major risk factor across industries. Moreover, the long-lasting mining tradition in these Western Canadian jurisdictions has resulted in a myriad of leading companies serving the sector, particularly centered around Vancouver, a mining center of excellence. Across B.C., juniors are embarking on one of the busiest drilling seasons in years. In Yukon, the industry has experienced one of its most dynamic years in recent history, with majors from the likes of Goldcorp, Newmont, Agnico Eagle and Barrick entering the territory. As commodities and precious metals prices stabilize and economic conditions improve worldwide, Vancouver is witnessing renewed dynamism as a global mineral exploration capital. With projects in virtually every mining jurisdiction worldwide, Vancouver-based companies are ready to embark on a new mining cycle and expectations are high.


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