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Elisa L. Iannacone, Sofia Messina, Ben Cherrington

British Columbia Mining 2019 Pre-Release

January 15, 2019

With a 20% increase in exploration spending in B.C. when compared to 2012, reaching a total of C$246 million, the potential for new discoveries has brought optimism back to the province. Although raising capital is still a strong challenge faced in the industry given cannabis and crypto-currency distractors, Vancouver continues to serve as a global mining hub, hosting over 800 juniors and industry players who work around the globe. The B.C. Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA) was recently formed in order to increase transparency in permitting and development. There is also a strong push for reconciliation with indigenous groups, making B.C. a global leader in working with local communities. A strong interest in Latin America is palpable, with numerous Canadian companies navigating political systems with very different sets of rules and regulations, while exporting cutting-edge technology and best practices across the continent and globe. From ore sorting to machine learning, companies continue to hunt for the most efficient solutions to increase productivity and optimise processes. 


Global UAV is a premier drone manufacturer and drone service provider globally, specializing in drones for industrial uses - particularly mining.
Tembo Power is developing hydropower projects across Africa with a focus on DRC.
After cementing its position as a logistics industry leader in the DRC for over six decades, Comexas Afrique is launching into a new phase of existence and undergoing a rebrand, which will introduce the world to a new name, ConnexAfrica.
Buenaventura outlines progress at its diverse portfolio of Peruvian assets.


GBR speaks to Leopold Mboli Fatran, Minister of Mines and Geology of Central African Republic concerning the challenges of developing the country’s resource industries.