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Lucrezia Falcidia, Alexander Stonor, Susana Isotupa

Arizona & Nevada Mining 2023

February 02, 2023

Two great mining stories are currently unfolding in the southwestern US. GBR is delighted to present “Arizona and Nevada Mining 2023”, a special report covering the main mining trends and actors in the southwest. Arizona’s role as the leading copper producer in the US is further reinforced by energy transition goals and policies. Gold heavyweights in Nevada, meanwhile, surf on high commodity prices to strengthen their operations and invest in forward-looking technologies, while forward-looking companies look to extract lithium.

Regulars among the top 10 mining jurisdictions in Fraser Institute's Investment Attractiveness Index, Arizona, and Nevada ranked 5th and 3rd respectively in 2021. The mining industries in Arizona and Nevada are ready to play their part in tackling the challenge posed by climate change. Net-zero targets have been fixed, roadmaps towards sustainability drawn, and low-carbon technologies adopted. And to make mines more efficient, sustainable, and safe, miners can rely on a widespread network of service providers, consultants, and technology firms.

From on-the-ground research at mining sites to in-person meetings with key industry players, GBR’s research team conducted 120 interviews from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the shores of Lake Tahoe to draw a picture of these states’ resourceful mining industries. The following pages are the culmination of those meetings and provide exclusive executive insights and analysis of the key trends likely to shape the future of Nevada, Arizona, and the US.


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"Our product innovation process involves gathering client feedback and submitting it to the factory, which determines which ideas to pursue based on economic considerations."


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"We plan to double our copper production by the end of the decade. There remains significant upside potential in the gold industry, and the copper operations are strategic and additive to that."