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Alice Pascoletti, Juan Ramirez

Argentina Oil & Gas 2015 Oil and Gas Investor Release

December 02, 2015

Meat-lovers’ mouths have always watered at the thought of an Argentine steak. But another kind of Argentine dead cow has been tantalizing oil and gas investors since 2013, when the U.S. Energy Information Administration announced that the world’s second largest shale gas reserves and fourth largest shale oil reserves lie beneath Argentina’s subsurface, mostly at Vaca Muerta. Argentina’s newest and massive shale discoveries complement the country’s existing conventional and offshore opportunities. International players have already arrived, but Argentina will need more if the country is to develop its full hydrocarbon potential. Argentina’s presidential elections now place the country at a crossroads: either support the oil and gas industry or face the consequences of ever-dwindling production.

“GBR’s Report on Argentina is an informative and unbiased account on the Country’s significant opportunity base, setting the stage for Argentina to emerge as a world leader in the unconventional shale and resource play sector. GBR’s in-depth research has created a very useful report and has also facilitated further industry collaboration between international E&P players related to the unlocking of strategic resources like the Vaca Muerta and Lower Agrio Shales.”
Kevin D. Shaw, President & CEO, Madalena Energy Inc.


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