GBR attends Mining Indaba 2018

February 19, 2018

GBR attended the Mining Indaba to announce the publication of the Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide (MACIG) 2018. To access the full digital release of our report, please visit the Publications section of our website or click here.


"I believe the government is doing its best to put incentives in place. However, the delay in pinning down some of the key fiscal terms for oil industry operators in Nigeria, which is largely due to political factors, is hurting the system."
ANIQ describe the impact of the Coronavirus on Mexico’s chemical industry and outlines the challenges of the year ahead.
InteRNA is a Dutch biotechnology company specializing in the development of RNA therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.
Amphos 21 helps Chile’s miners to cope with the dearth of water in a sustainable and efficient manner.


GBR speaks to Leopold Mboli Fatran, Minister of Mines and Geology of Central African Republic concerning the challenges of developing the country’s resource industries.