"We are planning to acquire and also to bid on oil blocks/marginal fields when the opportunity arises, which will allow us to move from the oil servicing sector and become a marginal field operator ourselves."

Tunde Ajala


March 24, 2020

Please provide an overview of Dovewell Oilfield Services (Dovewell) and the company’s role in the industry? 

Dovewell Oilfield Services limited is an indigenous oil and gas service company established in 2009, providing services such as inspection, process control and instrumentation, marine support and cleaning, surface protection, crane maintenance, and installation and commissioning. Our clients include the likes of Shell, Addax Petroleum, Total, Exxon, Chevron and marginal field operators.

The company has grown significantly over the years to approximately 100 staff members today and has operations in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana by June 2020, and possibly Angola in years to come. We have in depth knowledge, experience and expertise in the oil industry and pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for our client’s technical problems. We are a client focused company and are dedicated to assist clients in overcoming even the hardest challenges.

In 2020, the Nigerian government wants to embark on more gas projects. Dovewell is amongst six companies that have been accredited in-house for NLNG as to be involved in the NLNG Train-7 project. We are very fortunate to have attained this contract and are excited about all the other opportunities upcoming gas projects in Nigeria will hold.  

Can you elaborate on Dovewell’s R&D efforts and how the company develops and diffuses technologies throughout the value chain?  

Dovewell is one of three companies in Nigeria using drones to deploy inspection services, and this gives us a strong competitive edge in the market. Attaining a license to deploy drone technologies required us to demonstrate our competencies in drone procedures to the Nigerian Airforce Services. Using drone technology increased operational efficiency by significantly cutting costs and allowing remote inspections. One can receive data readings and reports in real time while the inspection is being conducted.

We are perceived in a positive way based on the quality we provide, our cost effectiveness, and the innovative solutions and technologies we deploy. Technologies allow us to be more efficient and get the job done in a shorter time.

Can you give insight into Dovewell’s product portfolio?

Dovewell provides contracting and procurement services - drilling equipment, pumps , valves, fittings and flanges, wellheads, instrumentation, and OCTG/line pipes .

We have strategic partnerships worldwide with OMES, which we represent for sub-Saharan Africa. We meet with our client’s project team to understand their needs, after which we will suggest the best possible product to meet their requirements and deliver all procured items to clients facility (end-end value chain) as well as provide the technical support for installation, commissioning  and operations and maintenance services .  

There is a lack of sufficient gas utilization in Nigeria. What do you believe is causing this?

I believe that to date, the government has been slow to promote and enable gas utilization. It is, however, better late than never, and the government is now putting the legal and fiscal frameworks in place to promote gas exploration in Nigeria. However, it will also be necessary to build the infrastructure necessary for gas utilization.

The specter of corruption nation-wide, violence and insecurity in some parts of the country, and sabotage are the most important hindrances to the industry’s and the country’s social and economic development. The security issues in some parts of the country have stalled gas development. The corruption level has also discouraged some investors to enter the country and embark on new projects. The government is addressing the risks and challenges in an effort to promote the country and attract more investment.

Where does Dovewell see the highest growth potential in the Nigerian petroleum industry?

Dovewell is built on three pillars of focus – innovation, people, and customer focus. We want to contribute to the Nigerian oil and gas industry by deploying our technical expertise and innovations. We will continue to focus on our clients’ needs and challenges, providing them with the best possible technologies and expertise.

We expect that in the near future, Dovewell will become a producing company. We are planning to acquire and also to bid on oil blocks/marginal fields when the opportunity arises, which will allow us to move from the oil servicing sector and become a marginal field operator ourselves.


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